Sonraya Grace


Are you ready to dream your dream in to being?

Imagine being free, clear and grounded and knowing why you are here and what your contribution to the world is. We are here to help you find the keys to open new doorways, clear your path and create the fulfilling life you desire. 


Sonraya is an Intuitive Healer working for the Divine and a Facilitator of Personal and Spiritual Development.  She works with both Cosmic and Earth energies to empower you to transform and align you to your Soul and Spirit.  Sonraya helps you to ground your Soul’s energy so that you are fully embodied with your gifts and talents and the energy to create the life of your dreams.

What stops you having all that you desire?

We all come with our own stories; traumas from childhood, limiting beliefs from our ancestors, wounds and grief we carry from our life experiences which lead us to respond to life in a particular way, which usually limits our potential. It does not mean that we have to remain stuck in this paradigm.


We have the power to transform our lives, to heal the past and live a soulful life filled with joy and abundance.  More than ever it is important to ground our Soul and live your dream and be the magnificent being that you are.


You are invited to browse the website and see what you are drawn to.  Please feel free to give Sonraya a call on 07802 769030 to discuss how she can best help you.  Sonraya offers one to one healing, shamanic soul journeys and group sessions such as Meditation and other workshops for self-empowerment including Sacred walks in nature with walking meditations.

Her next workshop is Vision 2015 on Monday 2nd March to help you connect with your vision for 2015 – a great year to connect with your infinite potential and manifest your dreams!  Sonraya also offers sessions by telephone and Skype for national and global clients.

Sonraya lives with her family in Bournemouth/Poole in Dorset, UK.  She is constantly inspired by the ocean and the natural beauty of the Earth and loves to share this wisdom in her Blog.

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We look forward to supporting you in grounding your Soul and manifesting your dreams.

With love and many blessings

Sonraya Grace

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